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Website Development

Optimized JS,CSS,React Native &Html

The JSS,CSS and HTML coded fully optimized website for compact theme size.

Crafted For Better SEO

The theme will be crafted for pass all the rules of google html checks.

Image Preloading

use the process of image preloading on the background to reduce page transition.


Conversational AI

Conversations are complex human behaviour used to discuss around a goal, ex. Booking a ticket, purchase a product etc. This behaviour becomes more complex when different people follow different ways and means to hold a conversation. Hence it becomes difficult for the BOT / Conversational AI / NLP to understand the user input.

IASSIST Chat Bot has been benchmarked against human agent for executing user-bot conversations human-like to help organisation scale their operations and support their customers better.

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  • Human Agent Handover
  • Multi Intent Detection
  • Omni Channel
  • Sentiment Detection
  • Spell Correction

    Key Characteristics of Effective Conversational AI

  • It is able to understand inputs that are grammatically incorrect from Non native language speakers.
  • It performs when User may input one sentences through multiple inputs i.e. multiple input one intent.
  • It understands input when User may also club multiple intents in one sentence.
  • It can maintain the state of conversation and record of previous conversations to avoid asking user for information previously provided.
  • It Detects sentiment and handovers to human agent when sentiment is deeply negative.


Voicebot is an artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) based voice channel for any communication that converts speech to text format. iAssist’s AI driven NLP understands the user query, analysis the intent and sentiments to produce the best response in form of user understandable speech through Text to Speech (TS) engine.

iAssist voice assistant can be easily integrated into various devices of customer service like – IVR, chatbot, self-service, etc. to extend seamless experience to the customers of every industry. It can notably be used for caller authentication for critical industries and operations like Banking, Insurance etc.

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  • Language Detection
  • Multilingual
  • Personilisation User Calling
  • Speech To Text
  • Text To Speech
  • Voice Authentication
  • Voice Command Activation
  • Digital Transmition With Pbx


The fixed KPI dashboard presents challenge as these days business or tools gather huge amount of data and each data point might have relevance in different context hence the future has to move towards Flexible KPI Dashboarding or Instant Analytics.

iASSIST is an instant analytics tool for any dashboard to perform various interactive analysis to understand data more intuitively on ad-hoc basis to help faster and better informed decisions. It gives simplified yet flexibility to analyse and present data into more friendly format helping granular understanding of individual or combination of KPI. This helps improving the operational efficiencies of the organisation.

Business Intelligence Bot gets granular business insights on-the-go to provide decision-makers critical business metrics instantly and help them make crucial and data backed business decisions in a faster and cost-effective manner.

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    Key Features of Instant Analytics/Bi

  • Data Source Agnostic
  • Easy To Configure and Deploy
  • Faster Analytics Of Data
  • Make Dashboard Smarter
  • Quick Custom Report
  • Smart Ai Chatting
  • Talk To Your Database
  • Text To SQL
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  • Interpret complex data with utmost Accuracy.
  • Find Correlations fast and Easy.
  • Convert Static KPI to Dynamic KP.
  • Unified View for Database Analysis.
  • Seamless Integration with the existing tools and BI Dashboard.
  • Custom Reports from Multiple Tools/ application generated.
  • instantly.
  • Tabular Data, Pictorial or Chart Presentation of Data.
  • Automation of Report Cycle & Notifications at custom schedules.