CYBERICA's online examination system”PAREEKSHANAM” is fully customizable to suit your needs. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and Government, our online exam system has its robustness & quality.

Given CYBERICA’s vast experience in the Indian environment and having conducted computer based entrance examinations successfully over the last 23 years, Cyberica has a complete understanding of the ground realities of conducting large scale, high-stake online examinations across centers in India.

While Cyberica has comprehensive and unparalleled understanding of region wise differences in infrastructure, internet connectivity issues, it has also successfully demonstrated adherence to security standards desired for high-stakes examinations in India. Cyberica has tie-ups with several centers across the country with state-of-art infrastructure and capacity to handle large volume online assessments. With increasing patronage from existing clients and commitments from prospective clients, Cyberica has plans to expand such facilities in the years to come to meet the growing demands and capacities.

Cyberica has conducted several Recruitment / Entrance exams for Governments, Public Sector Units and Educational institutions and is fully aware of the implications of accountability in the Indian context.

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  • The random question paper will be selected from question paper sets and pushed from central centers to exam centers before 1 hour of a particular slot
  • The encryption key will be pushed from the central server to the local server within 30 minutes of the exam Random Seating Allocation for the Candidates
  • Question and answer options are random Shuffling
  • The secure response of the candidate will be captured on the local server
  • No Internet Dependability to Conduct Exam
  • Exam is Conducted on Encrypted Secure Browser
  • Exam Centers are Mostly Institutions and Private Infrastructure
  • Reachability upto 300 Cities and 900 plus Test Centers.
  • Candidate Verification is Done through Biometric and Exam is Conducted under CCTV